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The Prof G Pod with Scott Galloway

Podcast Review: The Prof G Pod with Scott Galloway

Podcast Review: The Prof G Pod with Scott Galloway Episode: Office Hours: The EdTech Industry, Why European Startups Fail to Scale, and the Global Brands of the Premier League and NFL In this episode of The Prof G Pod with Scott Galloway, we are taken through an immersive Q&A session where Scott addresses intriguing questions

the beauty of unscripted content | KazCM

The Beauty of Unscripted Content

In this episode of Content Matterz, we discuss the beauty of unscripted content. Allowing for the wonder and the unknown is what makes the unscripted so captivating — be it a documentary, a podcast, or a TV show. Seeing this content play out through these mediums reminds us this unscripted nature exists in our lives

why all this content? | KazCM - content production company

Why All This Content?

In this episode of Content Matterz, Dr. Erik Korem joins host Eric Kasimov to examine the new age-old question: Why all this content? From starting podcasts to making podcast guest appearances, the drive to serve audiences and share impactful stories remains a compelling motivation. Have you ever considered what pushes someone to produce seemingly endless

Why This CEO Appears on Podcasts

Why This CEO Appears on Podcasts

We hear all sorts of people appearing on podcasts. From children to retirees, from founders to college students, from musicians to executives. From CEOs to the recently graduated. But why appear on podcasts? Everyone does it for their own reason. This CEO of a publicly traded company makes time in his incredibly busy day to

My Superpower | From the Editor | Writing Is Work

My Superpower | From the Editor

Eric suggested I write an article on writing stamina. “You know how when you write, you at some point lose focus? How can you push through, find inspiration, and keep going?” I do what, now? The fact is that continuing to write is never my problem. I never run out of inspiration (or, at least

Writing Is Cathartic | Content Matterz Podcast by KazCM

Writing Is Cathartic

In this episode of Content Matterz, guest speaker Chris Heivly, and host Eric Kasimov provide insights into writing books, the creative process behind content development, and sharing your story through any medium. What if you wrote the book for your family? What if you produce a podcast for your team? What if you created a

Creating Fulfillment Through Content | Content Matterz Podcast

Creating Fulfillment Through Content

In this episode of Content Matterz, we take an up-close-and-personal look into the world of entrepreneurs, social media, and recognition. We’re uncovering the mental health rollercoaster that every entrepreneur rides, magnified by a toxic chase for likes and shares on social media platforms. We encourage a focus on creating fulfillment through content. Not chasing vanity

The Art of Podcast Learning | Content Matterz

The Art of Podcast Learning

In this episode of Content Matterz, we get the opportunity to learn from a seasoned podcast pro who’s published more than 700+ episodes. As this podcasting entrepreneur says, “I learn something new from every one of my guests. And that’s an amazing gift.” This is an episode all about the art of podcast learning.

What if Your Article Lacks a Point | KazCM

What If Your Article Lacks a Point?

Hi, there, it’s your friendly neighborhood editor again. I’d like to say a little more about what I do and why—what’s actually happening when I mark up your writing. Usually when Eric sends me something to edit, something he wrote or something one of his colleagues or clients wrote, I make a few minor changes

The Intimate Power of Podcasts | KazCM

The Intimate Power of Podcasts Is More Than Just a Whisper in Your Ear

If I asked you, “Who’s the person you listen to the most in your life?” You might name your partner, a close friend, or maybe a family member. But here’s a thought to ponder: Are you sure it’s not your favorite podcast host? This is a blog and episode on the intimate power of podcasts.

Elevate Your Writing Skills: A Practical Guide | KazCM

Elevate Your Writing Skills: A Practical Guide

Do you aspire to refine and elevate your writing skills? Are you eager to start writing, to refine your existing skills, or perhaps to transform your words into a symphony of thoughts that can captivate readers? Regardless of where you currently stand on your writing journey, one universal truth remains: the key to improvement is

A Prospect That Finds You First Is More Likely to Buy

A Prospect That Finds You First Is More Likely to Buy

In this episode of Content Matterz, host, Eric Kasimov chats with the author of Detox, Declutter, Dominate, Perry Marshall. They discuss the power of attracting prospects rather than chasing them down. As Perry says in his book, “A prospect that finds you first is more likely to buy than if you find them first.” In

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