4 Reasons Why Twitter Still Matters

Twitter has been the punch line of many jokes. And for good reason—they have not evolved like many other social media networks. But as it stands, Twitter is still incredibly relevant. In our discussions with business owners, executives, professionals and college students we find that many people are using Twitter daily. Twitter has not gone away—it may be consumed by a large company one day, but even then there will always be a need for Twitter or an app like it. All that said, Twitter should continue to grab your attention. Here’s why:

1. Twitter provides immediate news

Access to news is everywhere—perhaps you use a RSS reader (feedly) or go direct to news websites or perhaps you stay in the world of Facebook for all your needs, but Twitter gives you news in real time. If you follow the right people or create lists of people, you can customize the type of news you will receive. It’s fast and more responsive than many other social networks. Trending topics let you know when big things are happening, from sporting events to world news to industry developments to national emergencies. Within Twitter you can see the reactions from everyday people who are on the scene, plus commentary and links to relevant articles. No other social media platform gives you that kind of immediate handle on what’s going on.

2. Twitter keeps other social media networks clean

Many people use Facebook and LinkedIn as if it were Twitter. That is, they post what should be on Twitter on Facebook (and LinkedIn). For example, they post multiple thoughts or ideas in a short time frame. This creates clutter for those platforms. Twitter is the outlet for this. And it helps other platforms offer what their value is. If people realize this, they will improve their experience in the social media world across the board.

3. Twitter has top shelf search functions

Twitter’s search function is undervalued and often unknown. Click HERE for a link to the advanced search feature. You can search for a word, a person, a topic and combinations of all that—basically any category you can think of. People complain about their timeline being jammed and that is a legitimate concern, but if you use the search function, that ceases to be an issue. Look into some topics of interest on Twitter and see how it works out for you.

4. Twitter is an all the time networking event

Where else in social media (or any place for that matter) can you step into the middle of any conversation and not be considered annoying? Twitter, as the media specialist, Gary Vaynerchuk says, is the world’s biggest cocktail party. The difference is that on Twitter it’s fine to be late to the party—and it is okay to step into the middle of a conversation. Plus you won’t miss out because you can read up on what’s already been said. The problem is, most people talk at networking events and don’t listen. They don’t ask questions. You have to pay attention and engage if you want to develop a relationship. Twitter is no different.

Final Thoughts

Twitter as we know has its issues, including spam, automated direct messages and some bad apples. But that’s just the crowding that happens in any place that gets popular. For those of you that live in Charlotte, NC, think of how bad the traffic has become over the past few years. People are discovering what a great city Charlotte is and as a result, traffic gets congested and restaurants are more crowded. Twitter is going through this infrastructure issue in their own way. But it is worth dealing with because it still matters.

As we observe people talking about social networks, Facebook users are everywhere. Instagram (and even Snapchat) users are likewise coming on in a big way. But Twitter is still bringing in new people too. They might not be tweeting all that much, but they are still online and they are reading. And if they learn to use the network correctly, they will stay.

Finally, Twitter may evolve (they will need to do something) or it may get acquired, but it is still a player and it can absolutely help you and your business. It has helped ours both in branding and client acquisition.