5 Amazing Brady Murray Quotes From Podcast Episode 024

5 Amazing Brady Murray Quotes From Podcast Episode 024

Podcast episodes lead to quotes that can motivate and inspire. These are the quotes from Brady Murray’s podcast he did with us. Entrepreneur Perspectives | Episode 024.


In every podcast episode, the things guests say become keepers. These quotes inspired the guests at some point, they’ve inspired us, and we hope they inspire you.

Our first quote post features the CEO of Mass Mutual Intermountain West, Brady Murray. Brady Murray is also the Founder of Racing for Orphans with Down Syndrome (RODS). We always look to surround ourselves with leaders and energizers. Brady is just that.

Let’s look at Brady’s words of wisdom from his Entrepreneur Perspectives podcast interview he did with us.

5 Amazing Brady Murray Quotes


Quote #1: 1:40 of the episode

“The person you become is determined by the books you read and the people you surround yourself with.”

Quote #2: 7:05 of the episode

“That which you desire most you will always get.”

Quote #3: 13:20 of the episode

“You help bridge the gap with the finances of getting a family to be able to adopt and within 30 days that little guy had a family.”

Quote #4: 16:45 of the episode

“When people hear truths, it will speak to them. It will speak to them inside. You can feel it inside. When people hear the idea of getting caught up in a cause, it speaks to them…Those that do (it’s a principle) will witness miracles themselves.”

Quote #5: 30:50 of the episode

“There are people out there that are absolutely selling themselves short by not being part of the financial planning industry. The first and foremost reason for this is I am in a career that is cause oriented.”

There are many amazing moments to this podcast episode. We hope we captured some of the best Brady Murray quotes for you. To hear the podcast in full or to hear these moments and the time around them you can listen to the podcast here (or listen directly on the Apple Podcast Player).