5 Jake Fleshner Quotes From the Business Owner in College Episode

5 Amazing Jake Fleshner Quotes From Podcast Episode 023

Podcast episodes lead to quotes that can motivate and inspire. These are the quotes from a business owner in college, Jake Fleshner. Entrepreneur Perspectives | Episode 023.


In every podcast episode, the things our guests say become words to live by. The quotes we share inspired the guests at some point, they’ve even inspired us–and now we hope they inspire you.

This post features the Founder of Spade America, Jake Fleshner. Jake is a student at the University of Michigan that is also a business owner in college. We always look to surround ourselves with good people and go-getters. And Jake is both a great person and a productivity machine.

Let’s look at Jake’s words of wisdom from his Entrepreneur Perspectives podcast interview he did with us.

5 Amazing Jake Fleshner Quotes, Business Owner in College


Quote #1: 5:25 of the episode

“Spade is a marketing platform that gears towards helping locally owned small businesses help each other. We’ve always wondered why small businesses aren’t working together.”

Quote #2: 10:20 of the episode

“There’s 86,400 seconds in a day. I think if you can get at least 70,000 of those seconds to be productive whether it be sleeping, doing homework, working on your business–you can get it all done. It’s really all about balancing your time.”

Quote #3: 12:50 of the episode

“The more content you put out, the better. If you can post content once a day–or if even once a week…And then start spreading that content on all the social channels…It’s all about creating content that is relatable to your brand and relatable to your audience.”

Quote #4: 32:50 of the episode

“Focus on your passion. Don’t let anyone tell you what to do. Push yourself. Never sit back and relax. Now is the time to do it. Don’t think about what other people are thinking.”

Quote #5: 35:30 of the episode

“From personal experience, I really didn’t utilize LinkedIn for a long time. I was thought it was for forty year olds until a friend of mine showed me he had over 500 connections and was learning a lot about people and life. So if you have twenty to thirty minutes, write a LinkedIn post, and you will learn how to network based off of LinkedIn.”

There are many amazing moments in this podcast episode. We hope we enjoyed some of the best Jake Fleshner quotes. To hear the podcast in full or to hear these moments and the time around them, you can listen to the podcast here (or listen directly on the Apple Podcast Player).