5 Jamie Mendelsohn Quotes From the Life Settlement Specialist Episode

5 Amazing Jamie Mendelsohn Quotes From Podcast Episode 022

Podcast episodes lead to quotes that can motivate and inspire. These are the quotes from Life Settlement Specialist, Jamie Mendelsohn’s podcast she did with us. Entrepreneur Perspectives | Episode 022.


In every podcast episode, the things our guests say become words to live by. The quotes we share inspired the guests at some point, they’ve even inspired us–and now we hope they inspire you.

This post features the EVP of the Ashar Group and Life Settlement Specialist, Jamie Mendelsohn. Jamie is also highly involved with the Chron’s and Colitis Foundation. We always look to surround ourselves with good people and expertise. And Jamie is both a great person and an expert in her areas of focus.

Let’s look at Jamie’s words of wisdom from her Entrepreneur Perspectives podcast interview she did with us.

5 Amazing Jamie Mendelsohn Quotes, Life Settlement Specialist


Quote #1: 2:55 of the episode

“I love traveling. I’m a huge fan of Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives. I try to get to restaurants off the beaten path. I love to experience different cities and their culture.”

Quote #2: 4:10 of the episode

“At Ashar Group, We work nationally with advisory teams to represent policy owners. We don’t do direct consumer marketing. We’re a B2B organization. And our speciality is complex case design.”

Quote #3: 7:25 of the episode

“Whatever you do, be a specialist.”

Quote #4: 8:25 of the episode

“The definition of Ashar comes from the Old Testament–creating wealth with family. Do what is right and you will be blessed.”

Quote #5: 41:00 of the episode

“Anyone that is living with a chronic disease or has a child or significant other living with a chronic disease, ask questions to those around you. Ask for help. Because the importance of support is huge. Don’t try to do it alone. Reach out to people, cause I think it is powerful.”

There are many amazing moments to this podcast episode. We hope we captured some of the best Jamie Mendelsohn quotes for you. To hear the podcast in full or to hear these moments and the time around them, you can listen to the podcast here (or listen directly on the Apple Podcast Player).