5 Ways to Use the Feedly RSS Reader in Content Marketing

How we consume information and share information is something we are fascinated by at KazCM. In 2017, consumption of content and sharing of content is at an all time high. But how are people doing it so efficiently? How do they educate themselves and then tell others about? Some of the obvious answers to this might include Facebook or even the multitude of online classes available. However, for this article we are focusing on the speed of sharing and with that we want to take advantage of an amazing tool you may know, Feedly, an RSS Reader.

Feedly is a simple and clean way to gather, use, and share information. And as you build your presence online, letting others in on great content you encounter is a great way to build trust (during your content marketing journey).

RSS readers in general let you collect online material you want right in your smartphone so you don’t have to visit hundreds of different websites every day. There are a lot of different readers out there—Feedly is just our favorite. Here are five ways you can use Feedly to help you stay informed and share the content with those following you.

1. A folder for your industry

It’s likely you know the websites that are important for your industry—the places most people go to stay up to date on news and trends. You even have your favorite blogs—the ones you keep telling yourself you should read every week. Now you can—by putting all of the blogs into the Feedly folder for your industry and from there you can read them distraction-free. This means no pop-ups, no click-bait, just you, focused on what’s really important. And when you find a great article you can now share it through their many sharing techniques.

2. Folders for your interests

It’s time to have fun. Not everything has to be serious. Maybe you like to read about the movie industry or fashion or…sports! So give your mind an outlet. Create a Feedly folder with your favorite websites under the “Sports” folder” (or whatever your interests are) and you will have all the information on your favorite sports team right there. And when big news happens, you will be ready to share this with your fellow fans.

3. Share your blog

You have your own blog—excellent! You are putting out awesome content, but it’s a challenge for people to find it (which is normal!). Next time you meet with someone you think would be interested in your content, suggest they add your blog to their RSS reader or, if they don’t have one, ask them to download Feedly and insert your blog in the app. Now they will have access to your content daily without having to go out of their way. Which is what it is all about—making it easier on your readers.

4. Share quality resources

Once you have subscribed to enough feeds, you will have access to great content which you now you can send on to your followers, friends, clients and prospects by using one of the many tools or by using a content marketing team to help you. You can even share great content via email or text.

5. Save it with Evernote

Evernote is an application we discuss often and will do so again. While bookmarking articles to re-read or read later, you can also email the article directly to Evernote and save it there. At a more convenient time, you can go back to the article for more in-depth reading or analysis. Keep that Evernote of yours organized though!.

Stay educated and keep sharing

It’s critical to keep learning and critical to share, and this includes staying current on your industry and your interests. Further, it is always a good idea to stay fresh on other topics that may not be of direct interest to you, from technology, politics, breaking news, and more. But instead of bouncing around different websites, simplify your process and use a reader. Feedly happens to be the one we use and recommend and we are now sharing that with you.

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Image of the Feedly logo was created by Graham Smith under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.0 Generic license