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Writing Tips on Structure | KazCM Blog Editing

Writing Tips on Structure

Hi, there, your friendly neighborhood editor here. When you give your work to Eric to post, I’m the one who changes it or sends it back marked “not good enough.” I hope you see all this as helpful, but if you sometimes gnash your teeth a bit, know that I’ve been known to gnash mine

Why Being Creative is Good for Your Mental Health

Why Being Creative is Good for Your Mental Health

Do you ever notice how you feel good during or after a moment or episode of creativity? That’s because being creative is good for your mental health — for several reasons. Creativity can help you reduce stress and anxiety. When you engage in a creative activity, your brain is focused on the task at hand,

Editing a Podcast for Quality Sound | KazCM

Editing a Podcast for Quality Sound

Audio mastering a podcast is hard work. In this blog, we consider what are the most important elements of editing a podcast for quality sound. Here are 5 key elements to make the final version of your podcast sound stand out: Removing any unwanted noise: This includes background noise, mouth sounds, or other distractions that

Why an Entrepreneur Should Start a Podcast in 2023 | KazCM

Back to Basics: Why an Entrepreneur Should Start a Podcast in 2023

In this back-to-basic blog series, we look at why an entrepreneur should consider starting a podcast in the year 2023. Back to basics allows us to break down these complicated thoughts into easy-to-grasp inspiration. Podcasting and the idea of even starting a podcast are not easy. But if we simplify the why behind it all,

Benefits of Professional Podcast Editing – Why Should You Invest in Professional Podcast Production Service

Benefits of Professional Podcast Editing | Why You Should Invest in Podcast Production

Nowadays, it’s hard to find a person who’s never heard of the word “podcast.” The podcasting industry has skyrocketed in the last several years, especially during the pandemic when, quite frankly, there wasn’t very much else to do. Podcasting has become an indirect marketing tool most companies now use to promote their business or products.

creativity connects people | content matterz podcast

Creativity Connects People

We so often talk about how content brings people together. Well, it’s the creativity that starts it all. Creativity in all its forms connects people. The artist that creates a piece, the graphic designer that creates a stunning image, the podcaster, the blogger, the author — all creatives… all of them start with creativity that

Education Through Content | KazCM Podcast

Education Through Content

Content + Technology = Where It’s At How to use content to educate a community. Or maybe you educate your team, your clients, your prospects, your town, or those that are just looking to learn. Or maybe you flip that and educate yourself through content.  This Content Matterz episode is all about education through content

What Happens When Content Is Taken Out of Context?

What Happens When Content Is Taken Out of Context?

People freak out! That’s what happens when content is taken out of context. Take the work-from-home thoughts by Malcolm Gladwell as heard on the one hour and forty-minute podcast, The Diary of a CEO (listen here). When the New York Post pulls a short segment from that long-form interview, headline readers and Twitter warriors run

Why the Internet Recency Bias Is Bad News for All Humanity

Why the Internet Recency Bias Is Bad News for All Humanity

Internet recency bias is bad news! You’ve heard of recency bias before. You know, a cognitive bias that favors recent events over historic ones; a memory bias (via Wikipedia). Now add the internet to the existing potential of recency bias and we have a problem.  Did you know that by 2025, the amount of data generated

How Online Content Is Affecting Our Lives For the Worse

How Online Content Is Affecting Our Lives For the Worse

It might seem counterproductive for a marketing group to say online content is affecting our lives for the worse. But we believe you need to think through all sides of any important topic. We often say the impact that online content has on your life and your business is amazing. I mean, here you are

Podcasts Are a Must in 2022 + | KazCM

Podcasts Are a Must in 2022 +

Why appear on podcasts and/or why have your own podcast? This is a question that continues to fascinate me. It’s a question I ask myself, potential clients, and guests of our podcasts. In this episode of Content Matterz, I ask this exact question. The guest that answers it this time around is JR Butler. JR

TikTok | Stream of Consciousness | by KazCM, Content Production

Stream of Consciousness: TikTok

“TikTok.” I said it, and the Zoom room gave that awkward giggle that means yeah, not here! Granted, this was a “corporate” room. Very rarely do people throw around words like TikTok in places like that. I did. Let me tell you why. There are two sides to TikTok. One side is China. All social

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