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When it comes to marketing, remember it’s ALL about CONTENT. 

Creating content leads to conversations, connections, relationships, and more. It’s why influential individuals and thriving companies focus much of their marketing efforts on creating. Look at Seth Godin, Gary Vaynerchuk, Tim Ferris. Look at Amazon, Spotify, Apple, Netflix. Look at John Deere, Red Bull, Disney, LEGO. Those are extreme examples but they still work for any size business.

Creating isn’t for everyone and that’s okay. As we (and many others) say, you can’t convince the inconvincible. However, if you open your mind to the concept, creating content could be for you. As we’ve seen, content creation is becoming more and more accepted as a way to showcase your knowledge, experiences, expertise, and stories. And we’re all for it. 

Eric Kasimov was a featured guest on the Get Influx Podcast hosted by Glenn Boothe. That episode appeared on our Entrepreneur Perspectives podcast. And now we are featuring a highlight of that conversation on a new episode of Content Matterz. And it’s ALL about Content!

In this podcast episode, Glenn and Eric discuss why creating content is in favor and ways to think through it. Eric and Glenn walk the walk as they both spend much of their marketing efforts on creating and storytelling. This includes podcasting, writing, video storytelling, and social media. 

Topics covered in this episode include: why you should start your own platform, a change in mindset, paying attention, being genuine in your marketing, and more. 

Get out there and create.


We think every entrepreneur, that is willing, should have their own platform. And we want to help.

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  • Thank you for listening to this Content Matterz podcast episode, “It’s ALL About CONTENT”.
  • This podcast episode exists because of KazCM. The media company inside KazSource. It’s all about creating, engaging, and distributing. Why? Because we believe every entrepreneur should have their own platform.