Content Creation At Its Core

Content Creation At Its Core

Why is content creation so important at its core?  Content creation is the ultimate form of communication. In this Content Matterz podcast episode, Eric Kasimov and PJ Taei discuss content creation, building relationships, and creating for those who care. The exposure and distribution of content is one of the best ways to learn more about…

content brings people together

Content Brings People Together

No matter what we’re going through, thankfully, content brings people together. Entrepreneurs are all dealing with something. Either directly or indirectly. It may be business-related, it may be something happening today, or it may have something to do with health. In my family, my wife and two daughters have been diagnosed with Celiac disease. As…

The Power of Creating Genuine Content - Content Matterz

The Power of Creating Genuine Content

“Nervousness is the indication that you’re doing something right.” – Joe Cantanucci on the power of creating genuine content. Many advisors and leaders within the financial services industry have had a hard time creating genuine content to connect with those around them. Joe Cantanucci is here to do just that, share his stories and experiences…

brand consistency matters | KazCM branding company

Brand Consistency Matters

Pay attention to your content and messaging because your brand consistency matters When I first started interning at Kaz, I learned one thing very quickly—how important an entrepreneur’s story is to the branding of their business. Every business owner has a unique story, whether it’s a “mom and pop” coffee shop in the rural town…

The Content Bridge | A Drawing | KazCM, Content Production | Help Me

The Content Bridge | Drawing

A drawing from Shane Snively, The Strategy Addict. This drawing below is “The Content Bridge”. Makes you think, doesn’t it? This is a continuation of the brand series: Part 1: “Filling the Brand Gap“ Part 2: “The Penalty Box“     Are you ready to build your content bridge? We’ll help you!