Let 2021 Be the Year of Original Content

3 Ways to Create Engaging, Original Content

An article from 2017 about original content. And in 2020 (going into 2021), original content still works.  2017 has arrived. If you’ve never done it before, let this be the year you start to create original content. Gone are the days of cookie-cutter corporate-speak. People see right through it, and won’t trust you unless you … Read more

Social Selling Does Work

They Say Social Selling Doesn’t Work. I’m Here to Tell You It Does

I’ve sat in countless meetings where the subject of social media comes up and right away the negativity comes out. Now, I am in financial services, one of the last major industries to be disrupted by the internet revolution, so I probably hear more negativity than most, but even in other fields, there is this … Read more

This Simple Process Will Lead to Your Next Client

This Simple Process Will Lead to Your Next Client

If you are solely focused on your current projects and current clients, you are not going to succeed long-term. This may seem counter-intuitive. Yes, it’s important to give your clients your attention (much of it in-fact). Everyone wants to feel like a priority, and giving good service means focusing on whom you are with and … Read more

“THEY” Said Facebook was for the Kids – Enter Snapchat

“THEY” Said Facebook was for the Kids - Enter Snapchat

Up until a few years ago, everyone said Facebook was for kids. They said, “I don’t get it.” Today, Facebook has almost 1.6 BILLION Monthly Active Users. Now go look at the “People You May Know” on Facebook. Yes, that’s your mother! Your aunt, your neighbors father?! And the Facebook momentum isn’t stopping. Enter Snapchat. … Read more

The Worst Case Scenario of Creating Content

Worst Case Scenario of Creating Content

When making a difficult decision, I like to ask myself what the worst-case scenario is. Try it; next time you’re trying to figure out whether to do a thing, imagine what the worst possible outcome of doing that thing could be? If you can live with that worst-case scenario, then proceed forward. If you can’t, … Read more

Pagers and Payphones to Content and Social Media

Pagers and Payphones to Content and Social Media

A path to content and social media When I first started in the life insurance business, I had a pager and a roll of quarters. When a partner or client would page me, I would head to the nearest payphone and start dropping quarters. Believe it or not, I sold a lot of life insurance … Read more

1 Reason to Create Original Content

original content

A simplified look into why you should create original content Have you ever walked through a neighborhood and said to yourself, “all these houses look alike?” Same color house, same color shutters, same look, same feel. That’s what it is like when you browse Twitter or Facebook or company websites. Everything looks similar. How can … Read more