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The Power of Creating Genuine Content

“Nervousness is the indication that you’re doing something right.” – Joe Cantanucci on the power of creating genuine content. Many advisors and leaders within the financial services industry have had a hard time creating genuine content to connect with those around them. Joe Cantanucci is here to do just that, share his stories and experiences…

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Brand Consistency Matters

Pay attention to your content and messaging because your brand consistency matters As we were building our content marketing agency, I realized one thing—how important an entrepreneur’s story is to the branding of their business. Every business owner has a unique story, whether it’s a “mom and pop” coffee shop in the town of Lake…

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The Content Bridge | Drawing

A drawing from Shane Snively, The Strategy Addict. This drawing below is “The Content Bridge”. Makes you think, doesn’t it? This is a continuation of the brand series: Part 1: “Filling the Brand Gap“ Part 2: “The Penalty Box“     Are you ready to build your content bridge? We’ll help you!  

The Penalty Box | KazCM | New Marketing Strategies

The Penalty Box

“The Penalty Box” is an article to get you to step outside of the box and into a new way of marketing–brand marketing. By The Strategy Addict, Shane Snively. This is part 2 of the brand series. Part 1: “Filling the Brand Gap“.  And a drawing to make you think: “The Content Bridge“. The products…

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For Those Who Care

The content lives inside of you. We’re here to help you bring it out — your entrepreneurial content. We help the entrepreneur tell their own story to those who care. There are so many stories to be told. Some are heartfelt, some are inspiring, some lead by example. Some are specific, some are anecdotal, some…

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Why Content?

Sitting on the bench outside of our office on a nice spring day about four years ago, contemplating a large insurance case we’d just lost, I realized it was time to double down on content creation.  I had already started to create content for And I’d had this vision that others would want to collaborate with…