Everybody Needs to be Creating and Giving Content

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“Everybody needs to be creating and giving content” – David Meltzer on the ROI of content creation.  What is the return on investment of content creation? In this Content Matterz episide, Eric Kasimov chats with David Meltzer about the impact that creating and giving content away can have on yourself personally and in your business.  … Read more

Sharing Content Works, So What’s Holding You Back?

Sharing Content Works, So What's Holding You Back? | Content Agency

Don’t let a reluctance to share content get in the way of opportunity. Sharing content works! Individuals are often reluctant to create content. We base this on many hours of conversations, listening, and other forms of communication with entrepreneurs, business leaders, and professionals. What we’ve witnessed is a block of some sort. Part of it … Read more

College Internships Have Significant Upside

Why college internships are important to me When I write about my experiences here at KazSource, my hope is that my words can be useful, even inspirational, for other college students. Now, almost finished with my school year (I graduate next Saturday!) of simultaneously interning at KazSource and going to school full-time, I’m here to tell you that you … Read more

How Using Today’s Social Media Tools Can Lead to Big Business

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter–if the first thing that pops into your head is selfies, friends, and funny videos, you are using them all wrong, at least in the context of business development. Instead of thinking of social media as places to play or to kill time, think of these platforms as tools. They are a relatively … Read more