Automated Direct Messages on Twitter are Bad

Automated Direct Messages on Twitter are Bad

Do you get frustrated when you receive an automated direct message on Twitter from someone or some company telling you how they can help you?

You probably also get annoyed by cold-callers and people asking for business when you have no relationship with them. This is the social media equivalent of doing that.

Twitter, like most social media platforms, is a great place to connect with (and network with) people all over the world. But you need treat it like a social event. Would you walk up to someone at a party and say “Hi, I sell XYZ product, we have a promotion going on, do you want to buy it?” Hopefully not. It’s the same with Twitter. Build a relationship. Find people you are genuinely interested in and interact with them. Comment thoughtfully and retweet relevant content.

What happens to the “automated direct Tweeters” is they lose followers (or should). It’s social suicide.

There are so many great ways to build your following and generate interest in yourself and ultimately your business. Sending automated direct messages on Twitter is not one of them.

As we work with our clients, we teach them on how to be social on Twitter. You can absolutely engage with real people that you otherwise wouldn’t have ever known existed. So join the party but don’t let an automated message spoil your first impression.