blogging is dead? those some people are wrong.

Some People Say Blogging is Dead. Those Some People are Wrong!

I’ve heard over the years how blogging may actually be dead. I’ve thought about this some. And I have a thought. It’s simple. Blogging is not dead.

I mean if your idea of blogging is stuffing an online article with a bunch of keywords and hoping to rank on page one of Google, then yeah, that was put to bed some years ago.

But if you are talking about articles that help you think, that help you communicate, that help you strategize, that help you connect, that help you spread your message, that help you become a better person, that help your team, that help your clients, that help the person you want to help, that help your brand, that help you become a better writer, that help you recruit great people, that help you come up with your next idea, then yeah, blogging is so far from dead.

It actually may be more alive than ever.

Gone (mostly) are the days of gaming the algorithm. At least now, when someone games it, we can see the game being played. If you aren’t sure if a post you see on a Google search result, or a website, or on a social media platform is trying to game the algorithm or you or your mom, it probably is. And if you’re still not sure, send us a message, we’ll help you.

As for blogging for the right reasons–blog posts like that don’t need to be lengthy, but they can be. They don’t need to be edited (like this one), but they can be. They don’t need to be read by a lot of people, but they can be–although, I’d suggest, that if you are the only reader, it’s worth it. In other words, blogging is not dead if you write for yourself.

And with that, I’ll end this blog post because I’ve made my point. And I’ll leave you with the tweet that reminded me to think about this topic of “is blogging dead?”

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