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Blogging is Not Dead | An Audible Blog

Blogging is Not Dead is an Audible Style Blog Post from Content Matterz.

While a case was just made for starting a podcast in an article published yesterday — blogging is not dead. Far from it. A blog can even be used to create a podcast, like this one! Seriously. This podcast originated from this article. It’s an audible-style blog. You know how some people read the words and others listen to the words on say Amazon Audible? Well, some people might rather listen to your blog, or do both. That’s not to say your blog should only become a podcast where you read it out loud (it can be if you want), but it is an option. And really, your blog could be where you write through your ideas that allow you to speak more clearly and come up with better ideas.

The point is blogging works for those reasons and oh so many more (need more reasons: become a better writer, share industry insights, announce updates at your office, help people better understand how you think, search engine optimization, be a resource, train your employees, hire new employees, talk about your other interests that may be an interest to someone else…to name a few). You should blog. We do. Here are some of our blogs: KazCM Blog | SportsEpreneur Blog.


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