The First Two Million

The First Two Million Podcasts | KazCM Podcast Production Company

Two million podcasts, and counting… Two million is not a big number. Alright, in some contexts, it is a big number. Two million would be a lot of listeners for a podcast, for example. But it’s actually the total number of podcasts, and that’s not a lot, as Fatima Zaidi, from Inc_Quill (on Twitter) showed … Read more

I Wanna Go Fast!

Website Speed

A highly undervalued marketing tool — website speed. Fix it! Speed wins. Well, not always. Sometimes we need to reflect, take a break, think, and exercise patience. But speed still wins. It’s a great paradox of sorts. Go fast, but be patient.  What? You need to go fast in the short term, but you need … Read more

Marketing Flexibility: The Frenemy to Consistency

Marketing Flexibility: The Frenemy to Consistency

Create flexibility in your marketing in 2021.  Planning ahead is important. It’s part of getting yourself organized, and it’s a crucial part of working with others. A contract is a plan. A business proposal is a plan. Plans get you on the same page with the person or people you are engaging with, and they … Read more

Brand Consistency Matters

brand consistency matters | KazCM branding company

Pay attention to your content and messaging because your brand consistency matters As we were building our content marketing agency, I realized one thing—how important an entrepreneur’s story is to the branding of their business. Every business owner has a unique story, whether it’s a “mom and pop” coffee shop in the town of Lake … Read more

Why We Doubled Down on Content Creation on the Why Are We Shouting Podcast

Why are we shouting podcast | Eric Kasimov and Jill Salzman

The Why Are We Shouting Podcast is a narrative style show with Jill Salzman. In this episode of her podcast, Jill asks Eric Kasimov about the moment he decided to double down on the content creation business. Eric tells his story about when he decided to “double-down” on the content creation business and why he … Read more

For Those Who Care

Entrepreneurial Content | For Those Who Care | KazCM Content Marketing

The content lives inside of you. We’re here to help you bring it out — your entrepreneurial content. We help the entrepreneur tell their own story to those who care. There are so many stories to be told. Some are heartfelt, some are inspiring, some lead by example. Some are specific, some are anecdotal, some … Read more