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Why This Charlotte Business Leader Creates Content

This Charlotte business leader creates content for a greater purpose.

In this Content Matterz podcast episode, Eric Kasimov talks with Tony Tennaro, Principal Chair of C12 Greater Charlotte.

The concept of creating content didn’t happen overnight for this Charlotte business owner. As Tony said:

“When the idea of a website with my name on it was brought up my first reaction was-oh no! The world doesn’t need one more website.

As we talked more about it, I agreed to launch one. Why? Because the world does need more people talking about HOPE! Maybe it might even be more meaningful that I am just an ordinary guy who believes in an extraordinary God who does extraordinary things constantly with ordinary people. With faith in God, a hope for tomorrow, and a desire to have a significantly positive impact on people and the life they live, I am -like Star Trek’s Enterprise-going where this man has not gone before.”

More about Tony Tennaro’s mission | Guest on Content Matterz | “Why This Charlotte Business Leader Creates Content”

Imagine what a group of CEOs and business owners motivated to build great businesses but having a greater purpose can do with intentional focus, shared learning, and resources. This mission is challenging and highly rewarding but not meant to do alone. The power of Peer CEOs answering the same kinds of challenges and opportunities with a common set of core values around dour Board Tables has changed lives including our own.

Tony first appeared on the Entrepreneur Perspectives podcast. You can listen to that podcast here.


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