Collaboration Time #2

Collaboration time is key!


As you know from this post “Collaboration Time #1”, at KazSource, we love assisting other entrepreneurs in creating new content. We do this within their niche, their stories, and their uniqueness.

From there we love sharing the content — for people like you to discover the great stuff other business owners are doing. Yes, these are client’s of ours, but we genuinely believe this is content worth sharing.


We would love it if you learned from this:

  • new ways to collaborate
  • our writing process
  • ideas to help your business
  • new business owners to connect with
  • inspiration to do great work of your own


Let’s get into collaboration time #2:


  • From Garage Door and More, LLC at garagedoormore.com | I just love this article. The owner of this business played football in Israel. Yes, Israel! And in this article we discuss his two passions (besides family): garages and football. It’s creative and simple. It ties into his business of garage doors while bringing in a true passion of his — football. A NORTH CAROLINA GARAGE AND FOOTBALL.


  • From Laurie Adachi, Education Psychologist in Santa Clarita, CA at laurieadachi.com | Last time we shared an article from Laurie, her new website wasn’t live. Well, it is now! And her articles are helpful to business people and parents and families and educators. We learn so much by just helping Laurie in her business — we know anyone looking for information around the topic of learning disabilities (and other related topics) is going to find value. In this article posted on her new website, she provides information on auditory processing: WHAT DOES AUDITOR PROCESSING MEAN?


  • From Cynthia Kay at cynthiakaybiz.com | Cynthia (CK) is the keynote speaker organizations and companies need. She even does workshops on topics related to business owners and communication. In this short video taken from a presentation she gave in La Jolla, CA, Cynthia Kay talks about hiring people for your business: THE RIGHT PERSON AT THE RIGHT TIME.


Stay tuned for more articles we collaborate on. If we can provide value to our clients and our audience (you) then we are doing are job (building and protecting your business 1 blog post at a time).


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Photo by Nina Strehl on Unsplash