Collaboration Time #1

Bringing thoughts together to create new content is key in the collaborative era we live in.


At KazCM (the marketing company for KazSource), we love helping other business owners create new content around their niche, their stories, and their unique ways — collaboration.

And then we love sharing that content — for new people to discover the great things these business owners are doing. They are clients of ours, but we genuinely believe this is great content to share.

Perhaps you learn from it:

  • ways to do your own collaboration
  • writing style
  • new ideas
  • new people to connect with
  • inspiration to do great work


Let’s get into the collaboration:




  • From Garage Door and More, LLC at | Koren leads this Charlotte, North Carolina garage door company with service and care. We like creating content with this company — it’s simple, helpful, and niche focused. While we are early on in the content creation phase with Garage Door and More, there are going to be many content marketing examples to come from this work. In this article he talks about maintaining your home: A CHANGE IN SEASON IS A GREAT TIME TO GIVE YOUR HOUSE AND GARAGE THE ONCE-OVER.



  • From Laurie Adachi, Education Psychologist at | Laurie helps people of all ages with learning disabilities. She is an expert in her field. Her thought leadership in the area of education is useful for parents, kids, educators, and more. In this article posted, she covers confidence in learning: BUILDING LEARNING CONFIDENCE.



We will continue to share articles we collaborate on. Because sharing is caring. And if we can provide value to our clients and our audience (you) then we are doing are job (building and protecting your business 1 blog post at a time).


We love collaboration so much we created a podcast where we bring entrepreneurs from all over to give their perspective. It’s called “Entrepreneur Perspectives”. You should give it a listen!