College Internships Have Significant Upside

Why college internships are important to me

When I write about my experiences here at KazSource, my hope is that my words can be useful, even inspirational, for other college students. Now, almost finished with my school year (I graduate next Saturday!) of simultaneously interning at KazSource and going to school full-time, I’m here to tell you that you can study and work at the same time. 

The main thing that helped me out was creating a schedule for myself and getting into a groove of things. For instance, I created a three-hour gap in my class schedule, when I would go to the library to focus on my internship. Sometimes I’d also find myself working until late at night, but I didn’t mind, because these are the steps that took me to my ultimate goal, a job I love upon graduation.  

With school and work come stress. In order to keep stress away, I carved out an hour and a half time slot every day to work out. Going to the gym has been a passion of mine for about four years now, and it is a great way to clear your mind, which ultimately helps you focus better on school and work.

Interning during school is very important (to me) for three reasons.

1. College internships set you up for success after graduation

My university (Western Carolina University) does not require an internship for marketing or management majors, however, I felt it was very important for me to gain some real-world experience before graduation.

An internship allows you to gain connections and real-world experience that you can add to your resume. Also, the work you put in while at your internship could lead to a job at that workplace post-graduation.

2. College internships help you gain time-management skills

As a college student, time-management skills are necessary. You need to find time to complete all assignments, go to class, have a personal life, and maintain physical health 

When you add a job to this equation, time management gets much harder—but just like working your muscles makes you stronger physically, challenging your mind strengthens your mental abilities. If you learn how to juggle multiple responsibilities as a student, you’ll be that much better prepared for your professional life.  

3. College internships allow you to apply skills learned in the classroom to the real world

I have learned much more about the business world in my eight months at KazSource than I have during my years of coursework—not because I did not learn from my classes, only that seeing how the concepts I had learned apply to the real world has taught me so much more. Nothing beats talking to business owners and watching a multi-faceted company being run and developed on a day-to-day basis.

I recommend working while still in school for every student out there, especially if that job falls in line with your passions and your studies. Give it a shot, and come that day you are walking across the stage, shaking the chancellor’s hand and walking off with your hard-earned diploma, all your hard work will be worth it. Try it, you won’t regret it. 

And when you’ve done it, tell your story.

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