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Connecting Through Content

There is so much to talk about when it comes to podcasting. In this episode, the co-hosts of the Unscripted podcast series on Entrepreneur Perspectives take on the topics of:

– Content introduces people

– Content is the ultimate back check

– Content is your proof of concept

– Content added up is your body of work

– Connecting through content

A bit more about podcasting:

From a 2022 report by Infinite Dial, 62% of Americans have listened to a podcast. This means an estimated 177 million Americans! Even more, that is an increase from 2021 of 57%! (source: Riverside)

So yeah, podcasting is a big deal. And it is growing — fast. So we will continue to talk about podcasting, a lot. And we will continue to produce podcasts. Because we have seen it work — over and over again!


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Wrap Up:

  • Thank you for listening to this Content Matterz podcast episode, “Connecting Through Content”.
  • About Jared Nichols (as heard in this episode): Jared is the founder and creator of the NU Futurist and The Foresight Academy, a program that teaches leaders and teams the same skills that innovators, industry disruptors, and change-makers, use to guide and make the future they want to see.
  • This podcast episode exists because of KazCM. The content production company inside KazSource, Inc. Our rallying cry: “content brings people together”.
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