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Content Development | The New Retirement Plan

Content development to develop opportunities

Are you planning to retire when you are 65?

Maybe you are, but your retirement is not likely to resemble that of your parents or grandparents. Fewer and fewer people these days have the desire to go live on a golf course (in fact, more golf courses are closing now than ever before), and many people don’t even want to stop working. Why should they, when for many a job isn’t just a place to go for a paycheck anymore but a way of life? So for those who do leave their careers behind, the ideal retirement isn’t about enjoying doing nothing—it’s an opportunity to do something new.

But what?

Some retirees start a second career, maybe something they’ve always wanted to try, but never really felt free to pursue. Some work part-time jobs or volunteer. Some get deeply involved in a favored hobby.

The New Retirement Plan | Content Development

I’d like to suggest a way to think about whatever it is you’re planning to do in your retirement; recognize yourself as a potential mentor and thought leader.

Whatever it is you spent your career doing, you know a lot about it now. Yes, you! You have a lot to give. You have an important story to share. How are you going to share it? You’re going to need some kind of platform, some way to connect to the people who want to hear what you have to say.

Well, connecting with people is something we do which is why I’m here to tell you, it can be done. With your knowledge, your experience, current-day mediums, and social media tools, you could develop content to connect with people that want access to you and what you have.

You could host a podcast, write a blog, or write a book. You could use social media to connect to your readers and/or listeners and meet interesting people. You could use your platform as the basis for setting up formal mentorship arrangements and speaking engagements. You could even start a business. You could teach classes. You could train people at large corporations. You could take it as far as you want—or as not-far as you want. The advantage of not being tied down is if you really don’t want to hustle, you don’t have to.

As I said above, this is how we grow our business and those of our clients—by sharing stories, by making connections.

You happen to have a lot going for you. Stay sharp, stay connected, stay engaged. Start today as it takes time. Like a retirement plan, invest in your vision—your vision for a new retirement plan. Content development to create new opportunities in your new peak years.

Go for it

One last pitch—you should lean into this. You know stuff, a lot of stuff, and what you have to share could be very important to other, younger people. You have the time—writing a blog post once or twice a week, hosting a podcast, creating short videos where you talk about what you know—none of it will take all of your time, and if that’s all you want to do, you’ll still be getting your story out there. Think of it as a new kind of retirement plan. Think of it as a new kind of retirement—maybe you’ll start a new fad! Whatever it is you’ve got to say — say it.  

What have you got to lose?

We’ll help you. 


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