Creating Content Makes an Impact

Content Impact

When you get comfortable sharing content, you’ll become aware of the content impact.

We preach it often–creating content has many benefits. One of those benefits is the impact creating content can have on yourself and others. This is a lesson that struck Linh Podetti on her content creation journey. It’s not immediate and it’s not always obvious. But when she reflects on the impact content has on her and others, she knows the good her content creation is providing. 

Linh was a featured guest on our Entrepreneur Perspectives podcast. And now we are featuring a highlight of that conversation on a new episode of Content Matterz.
When we have these long-form conversations we see there are many parts of the conversation we can pull out and repurpose with a focus that allows you to better understand why we think the way we do and more importantly to help you on your own content creation path. 
In this Content Matterz episode, Linh and Eric Kasimov discuss through their own experiences that creating content can make a positive impact on your own life and possibly the lives of others. 
Topics covered in this episode: the confidence that creating content brings, getting over the initial hump of creating content, the impact that your story can have on others, pushing through your own doubts, and more.


We think every entrepreneur, that is willing, should have their own content platform. And we want to help.

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