Genuine Content Marketing Is Hard Work

Sometimes I hear content marketing referred to as “passive marketing.” I meet people who think all they need to do is post a couple of pics on Instagram and clients will start pouring in. Others seem to think that having a Twitter account entitles them to ask for people’s business without building trust first.

Sorry, it doesn’t work that way! Not at all.

You need to be pro-active in your storytelling. Tell stories that matter. That’s how you build trust and authority—authentically.

And then you can start conversations that may or may not lead to opportunities, depending on how well you and the other person mesh together. Your product or service (and you!) still has to be good. Effective marketing won’t help if the quality isn’t there.

Content marketing is hard work. Social media is a tool within content marketing. And using that tool is not easy either.

It takes time; it takes patience; it takes testing; it takes connecting; it takes genuine behavior; it takes strategy; it takes refinement; it takes a lot.

But when it works, content marketing creates so much–culture, brand, authority, community, conversations, opportunities, growth, legacy, insurance for your future and that of your business. It’s a way of developing your business based on authentic relationships and genuine value, not manipulation and slick psychology.

It’s a long game—but it’s the right game.


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