Content Marketing: 4 Reasons Why to Start with a Blog

Recently, during meetings with those who are new to content marketing in Charlotte, NC I have been asked by them whether they should start with a blog, a series of videos, or a podcast. Of course, what are you good at is the number one factor. If creating and editing a video is what comes naturally to you, then by all means, go for it. If you have all the equipment to start a podcast and have a great voice for radio, go with a podcast. But for most people, I would suggest starting out with a blog.

Here are 4 reasons why:

1. Blogs Are Simple

Writing does not require any specialized equipment or software. If you can get online in the first place, you can write a blog. Sure, not everyone is a good writer, but as I explained before, a solid editor will make you into a good writer. If you already are a good writer, an editor can make you into a great one by giving you an unbiased review of your work, catching things you missed, and topping it off with some sauce.

2. Podcasts and Videos Often Start Off as Blogs

If you want to record a podcast or a video, you will likely need a script, or at least some notes. Very few people can talk off-the-cuff very well (and if you are talking off the cuff for a video, we would suggest using Facebook Live or Instagram Live or YouTube Live). So, a quality audio or audiovisual recording often begins with written text—you are going to be writing either way, in other words. If you polish that writing up and post it as a blog first, you can always repurpose that text into a podcast or video script later. If it turns out blogging isn’t for you, or if you decide you want to do podcasts or videos in addition to a blog, you’ll find your work already half done.

3. Blogs Are Easy to Access

You can publicize both blogs and vlogs through social media, but some people won’t click on links to videos—as they don’t have the time to watch a four-minute video from someone they’ve never heard of before—blogs are easier to skim. This allows you to gain quick exposure. With headlines, snippets and links inside of social media you will be able to generate an audience.

4. Blogs Have an Extended Shelf Life

In the beginning, you will not have thousands of followers. You will have to develop your audience, and a blog is perfect for that because text shows up on search engines much more easily than podcasts or videos—especially if you use SEO. More people who don’t know you yet can find you. Text also tends to stay relevant longer, meaning that the piece you posted back when you had ten followers will still be being read when you have a thousand. And because editing is much easier and more powerful in text than in audio or video, you can update and re-purpose blog posts as much as you need to. Just try adding an extra few seconds to the middle of an old video and not having it look bad.

Yes, there are advantages to videos and podcasts that you don’t get with text. Videos are much more compelling and engaging than text, and lots of people like to listen to podcasts while driving, exercising, or cleaning. But text-based blogs have their own advantages in terms of audience engagement, plus the advantages of being easier to produce, edit, and re-purpose. So, while writing a blog is hardly for beginners only (a successful blog can be very challenging), a blog makes a better place to start than either a podcast or a video series.