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You Can’t Always Close the Loop on Content ROI

In this Content Matterz podcast episode, Eric Kasimov talks with GreenPal Co-Founder and CEO Bryan Clayton about how you can’t always close the loop on ROI when it comes to marketing.

Eric asks Bryan this hard-hitting question of “why are you appearing on podcasts?”

As Bryan Clayton states, 99% of the time he is doing this for himself.

He enjoys it more than anyone because as he says, “you are either contracting or expanding, and sharing my philosophy, beliefs, and strategies on podcasts keep me closer to the point of expansion.”

Simply put, it keeps Bryan on his toes.

So when he or anyone for that matter is in an interview, you better be ready, whether the conversation is being recorded or not. To add to this, podcasting (and writing for that matter) is the path to better content–and ultimately to a better business and a better you. Bryan and Eric are advocates of the idea of learning through reading and listening and sharing. And with all of this comes self-accountability.

Eric has a post on the SportsEpreneur content platform on why that content platform even exists in the first place–and as it turns out, it’s self-accountability. Here’s that article: “I Have to Admit, There’s A Lot of Self-Talk In SportsEpreneur Articles” 

And as the title of this specific podcast episode clearly states, none of this will give you a clear ROI (return on investment). And thus it’s scary for business owners to think content creation will help their business. But then when you take a step back and think about the things that a business owner (or founder, entrepreneur, professional, leader, aspiring individual) does spend a lot of time on that don’t equate to an obvious return on investment, it becomes clear that the action of content creation starts to make sense. 

For example, what’s the ROI on company culture, what’s the ROI on a clean office, what’s the ROI on a fast computer, what’s the ROI on your relationship with your family, what’s the ROI on the book you just read? 

Exactly! You don’t know. And that’s okay. 


Check out this episode about not overthinking ROI when it comes to content creation. And if you want to listen to the full episode with Bryan Clayton of GreenPal, check it out on the Entrepreneur Perspectives Podcast.

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