The Dual Nature of Social Media | Connection and Toxicity

The Dual Nature of Social Media | Connection and Toxicity

About this episode: In this thought-provoking conversation with Angie Moody, founder and CEO of Ruby Money, we discuss the complex world of social media. From its impact on our daily lives and mental health to finding a balance between connection and consumption, Angie shares her insights on navigating social media responsibly. With a background at Facebook (Instagram) and as a tech entrepreneur, she brings a unique perspective to the discussion, highlighting the importance of personal accountability and the potential for positive engagement online. This is an episode about the dual nature of social media…connection and toxicity.

About Content Matterz: This show exists to empower executives, entrepreneurs, and encore careerists to create content they can be proud of—content that improves lives and builds communities.

Topics discussed in The Dual Nature of Social Media | Connection and Toxicity

  • The dual nature of social media as a tool for connection and a source of toxicity.
  • Angie’s personal and professional experiences with the challenges and benefits of social media platforms.
  • Strategies for individuals and families to safeguard mental health while engaging online.
  • The role of tech companies and the responsibility they bear in creating safer digital spaces.
  • The significance of personal accountability and proactive measures to protect oneself and loved ones in the digital age.
  • The evolving conversation around social media, its regulation, and the documentary “The Social Dilemma.”
  • How creators and entrepreneurs can leverage social media positively for community building and business growth without succumbing to its pitfalls.
  • Listen to the long-form conversation with Angie Moody on Entrepreneur Perspectives.

About Angie Moody: As the visionary behind Ruby Money, Angie leverages her tech background and entrepreneurial spirit to enhance financial management for freelancers. With her experience at leading tech companies and her role as a mother, she brings a balanced view on the complexities of digital life. Connect with Angie for more insights on entrepreneurship, tech, and balancing life in the digital era. Connect with Angie on LinkedIn | Learn more about Ruby Money

Exploring the Impact: Join us on Content Matterz as we dissect the layers of social media’s influence on content creation, personal identity, and the broader societal implications. Whether you’re a creator, entrepreneur, or anyone navigating the digital world, this episode offers valuable perspectives on making the most of social media’s opportunities while mitigating its risks.

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