Website Speed

I Wanna Go Fast!

A highly undervalued marketing tool — website speed. Fix it!

Speed wins. Well, not always. Sometimes we need to reflect, take a break, think, and exercise patience. But speed still wins. It’s a great paradox of sorts. Go fast, but be patient. 


You need to go fast in the short term, but you need to practice patience in the long term. It’s not just me saying that—for example, here’s a short but good article on how the idea applies to product development. The same principle turns up again and again, in all sorts of contexts, but today I want to talk about websites.

It’s the paradox again. You need to be patient, since it could take a while for your new website to develop your brand and better your business, but you can’t expect patience of your visitors—they shouldn’t have to be patient, and they won’t be patient. ‘Cause in the short term, we are all moving fast, and there are too many options. Chances are your content isn’t great enough to wait around for. 

It’s real simple; if your website is slow, you will lose. 

Take, for example, Apple Podcasts. Yeah, it’s not a website per se, but the same issues apply. I used to use it a lot, but they’ve done some updates to the app and now the thing is slow, damn slow, like, to the point that I haven’t used it in a couple of months. Every time I click on it by mistake, I get annoyed. Now, this is Apple, so they’ll probably fix it eventually and make it ridiculously good (that is, fast), but in the short term, I’m out. I’m actually really liking Pocket Casts now. So maybe I’m just done with Apple Podcasts, all because of some issues with speed they are having.

If your website is slow, then visitors may be done with your brand. You’re not Apple, so getting customers back won’t be as easy as launching the next iPhone. A slow website could really cost you—and that’s silly, because the problem can be fixed.

Sales pitch time, because sometimes you need to be told what’s up—you need to fix your slow website. We can fix your slow website. Fast. 

Hit us up. We will pave the way for you to go fast again. 

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