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How Not to Use LinkedIn

Interruption marketing is unfortunately still a thing. And it’s prevalent on LinkedIn. This is how not to use LinkedIn.

Imagine connecting with someone on LinkedIn and then immediately sending them a sales pitch.

Apparently, everyone is doing it!

It’s disturbing.

I just looked at my LinkedIn messages and I had sales pitches for lead gen, health insurance, life settlements, coaching, mobile applications, link building, and my personal favorite:

marketing & podcasting.

Now while the ones listed at the top came across as aggressive interruption-based sales tactics, the last one of marketing and podcasting stole the show! If the person who tried selling me on marketing and podcasting spent a few minutes to look up my profile, they would know I own a marketing company that does podcast production.

It really is true that those who engage in selfish, interruption marketing ruin it for everyone.

Or maybe these sell/sell/sell at the first sign of life people are making it easier for those that do it the right way to stand out?

Whatever it is, if you want to sell me, don’t connect with me on LinkedIn and then hit me with an instant sales pitch.

And if you want to grow your business, don’t fall for these spammy get-business fast marketing tactics. They don’t work.

At least, I hope they don’t work.

Do they work on you?

I’d encourage people to read this article from 2008 by Seth Godin titled, “Permission Marketing.” I’d especially encourage the people that I reference above to read this article daily — just before they think they are doing something good by interrupting people with LinkedIn sales messages.

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