How to Get Started With Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing takes time and patience. It’s also frustrating if you are not sure the best way to manage your social media networks. There are new social media apps entering the market and each social media company seems to change their platform and algorithm daily.

Yet you realize you need your business to be on social media. While you may be on it or have dabbled with it, you realize keeping up with it is more than you bargained for.

You want to start or better your social media presence. But how?

We’ve complied articles on this topic both from KazCM our content marketing company and SportsEpreneur our affiliated content platform. We hope you find this useful

Here’s the first article to get you started. Kentucky basketball coach, Coach John Calipari shows us our audience’s attention is on social media.

How to brand your business using social media.

3 Ways to Brand Your Business: Houston Takeover


LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a useful tool even in your email.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator for Gmail – A Must Have


Social media marketing wins are all around us.

Cam Newton Gives Dentists a Content Gift That We Can All Learn From


Yes, Twitter is still relevant.

4 Reasons Why Twitter Is Relevant


Residential Real Estate has big opportunities with content marketing.

3 Ways Real Estate Agents Can Differentiate Themselves


Feedly. Use it.

Systems: 5 ways to Use the Feedly RSS Reader


Snapchat is a tool that has a lot of attention.

“THEY” Said Facebook was for the Kids – Enter Snapchat


Social selling works. Really.

Social Selling Does Work


The top 3 social media networks for businesses.

The 3 Best Social Media Networks for Professional Services Businesses in 2017


Why content marketing is important.

Let 2017 Be the Year of Original Content


And the worst case scenario of content marketing is…

The Worst Case Scenario of Creating Content


How to create content for your content marketing.

The Story Behind the Story


How times have changed.

Pagers and Payphones to Content and Social Media


Here’s the one reason to start content marketing.

1 Reason to Create Original Content