Why You Should Hire a Marketing Agency

OK, full disclosure; I own a marketing agency. But just because I’m biased doesn’t mean I’m wrong, and anyway, the topic of this article isn’t “Why You Should Hire My Marketing Agency.” I mean, maybe you should—if you like what we do, feel free to get in touch—but there are a lot of agencies out there; we’re all different. Maybe somebody else would be a better fit for you.

But you should seriously consider putting your marketing in the hands of experienced professionals. Don’t think marketing will take care of itself. And don’t try to muddle through by handing the responsibility off to that person on your team who only sort of knows how to do it. If you can’t build your own marketing department, hiring an agency is the next best thing.

Sometimes it’s even better.

There used to be a perception that outsourcing was bad. However, that was based on the assumption that outsourcing replaces employees. But it doesn’t have to. Perceptions have changed. People now recognize that outsourcing can add to a team, rather than subtracting from it.

By hiring a marketing agency, you get an entire team of experienced experts focused on marketing and nothing else; even if you actually only need a few hours of work per week.

You don’t have to deal with paying overhead, with recruiting, training, or disentangling human relations problems. If the best people for the job aren’t a fit for your company culture, that’s not a problem. And if the arrangement doesn’t work out, well, it’s easier to fire an agency than a person, usually.

There’s a process for finding the right agency, for sure. But there’s a process for everything. Considering all the benefits of hiring a marketing agency should be a priority for the growth of your business.

Understand, I don’t just own an agency – I’ve also done my own outsourcing; taking on freelance editors, graphic designers, and so on. All in an effort to bring the best service to my clients. So I’m only telling you what has worked for us—it could work for you too.


If you are considering a new marketing agency, we got you!