Marketing Flexibility: The Frenemy to Consistency

Marketing Flexibility: The Frenemy to Consistency

Create flexibility in your marketing in 2021. 

Planning ahead is important. It’s part of getting yourself organized, and it’s a crucial part of working with others. A contract is a plan. A business proposal is a plan. Plans get you on the same page with the person or people you are engaging with, and they keep you and your own team clear on what needs to be done. Getting prepared by creating a good plan is a great way to set yourself up for success. 

Except then life happens. 

  • You are on the way to pick up your daughter at school with time to spare—then out-of-nowhere traffic happens, and now you’re late. 
  • You get up to go to the gym for your morning workout, your gym clothes already all laid out—except, now you have a migraine and are going nowhere. 
  • You have multiple trips and events planned for May, and there’s excitement brewing—and then a pandemic happens, and all trips and events are canceled. 

All those scenarios are negative, but it works the other way too. Opportunities knock. 

  • You put in an offer on a pretty good house—then your real estate agent calls you to say, you know the house you loved two weeks ago that was under contract? Well, it’s back on the market.  
  • You plan to catch up on some work—then your friend calls you and says he has courtside seats to the Final Four. 
  • You have plenty of work lined up, your team is fully occupied—then a long-time client calls you up and says he wants to increase his engagement with you by $20,000. 

The common element here is that something new happened. Something unexpected. Maybe something annoying, or even tragic, or maybe a great opportunity, but something. You had a well-thought-out plan, you worked hard according to plan every day, and then all of a sudden the plan doesn’t apply anymore.  

But that’s OK. You can take advantage of the opportunity. You can cope with the losses and disappointments. Sometimes you can even turn the disappointments into opportunities—but only if you are flexible.   

That doesn’t mean break contracts. It means build flexibility into the contract in the first place. It doesn’t mean don’t make plans. It means make plans that can be changed. 

For marketing in 2021, flexibility is key. Sure, I talk about consistency a lot. But Consistency might be Flexibility’s frenemy—you need both, yet they can get in each other’s way. The key is to remember that being consistent doesn’t have to mean doing the same thing over and over again. You can be consistent in your messaging while changing how you get your message across. And your messaging is allowed to improve.  

Maybe you’ve been posting a lot on Facebook, but now Clubhouse, this new upcoming platform, has your attention. You aren’t jumping cause it’s the new thing—no, you are trying it out. Or maybe in 2017 you examined the information available and decided you didn’t want a podcast. Now, in 2021, you have new information and you can review that decision. Even if you still don’t want a podcast (and it’s totally OK to stick to your guns), you have the flexibility to change your thinking. 

We all need room in our plans to be flexible. Maybe an iceberg is straight ahead, but if we can recognize it from miles away, we can change course, head to warmer waters, and enjoy this ride we are on. There is so much to discover and experience. Let’s give ourselves the freedom to explore. To be flexible. 

Are you thinking of having flexibility with your marketing this year? Let us help you!