How Online Content Is Affecting Our Lives For the Worse

How Online Content Is Affecting Our Lives For the Worse

It might seem counterproductive for a marketing group to say online content is affecting our lives for the worse. But we believe you need to think through all sides of any important topic.

We often say the impact that online content has on your life and your business is amazing. I mean, here you are reading this or about to listen to this podcast episode — twenty years ago that seemed almost impossible. So yes, there are positives all over the place with online content. But it would be naive of us to think there aren’t negatives.

Now more than ever, people have access to immediate content all over the world. This includes good news and more typically, bad news. Bad news sells. Bad news generates user engagement. And all the news nowadays includes all the comments about the news (good and bad). This is where it gets toxic. It could be as simple as you are excited that your football team won a game, you leave a comment to that news saying as much, and here come the naysayers — saying how they got lucky, they aren’t good, or much worse. Or the news could be related to something devastating or it could be clickbait to get you to go down a scary rabbit hole. 

Simply put, online content is affecting our lives. And sometimes it is in amazing ways, but we are seeing how online content is affecting our lives for the worse. We hope a podcast episode like this featuring a mental health professional will help. We hope to create content for the better and content to make you think. And we hope you too will create content with these same things in mind while understanding all sides of online content.

More about the guest of the episode: How Online Content is Affecting Our Lives For the Worse

Derek Bylsma of Millennium Counseling Center:  Website | LinkedIn

Derek Bylsma was a guest on our podcast Entrepreneur Perspectives. The episode where this full conversation can be heard is titled, “Therapist Shortage + Consuming Bad News

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