Opinions are like

Opinions Are Like…

Opinions. Everyone has them, and, like in economics, the more there are, the less they matter. But if an opinion is shared as a fact, it must matter, right? I don’t know.

This isn’t some analysis of deep fakes or misleading click-bait; at least, that’s not the intent. I’ve just been noticing a lot of opinions lately. For example, a quarterback for an NFL team (any NFL team–yes Chiefs fans, Mahomes can throw an interception too!) throws a bad pass, the defense intercepts it, and X suddenly is filled with thousands, no, millions, of people questioning why in the world would he do that? I mean, really! Most of those million people don’t know what they are talking about when it comes to football. Now, that’s not to say the sports world shouldn’t bring about opinions. That’s part of the fun! Debate and banter. But turn on ESPN at almost any hour, and it’s opinion time. Ask your work colleague what they thought of that terrible penalty in that game last night—and that’s if you have to ask. It’s likely you were stopped on the way to grab your second cup of coffee and told what to think, how to think. And if you weren’t, you could just look at your phone right now, filled with memes, gifs, and texts stating opinions—no facts.

But I’m also noticing my own opinions. That’s opinions with an “s”. This article is an opinion, but it’s an opinion on opinions, so it cancels itself out, yeah?

What am I opinionated about? Oh, lots! Traffic in Charlotte, the Buffalo Bills coach (do I have a bone to pick with him!), Amazon Prime deciding to charge $2.99 to remove ads from streaming because I watch so much Amazon Prime content (I actually don’t). Or, why is the iPhone this fantastic device, yet it’s terrible at being a phone? It’s weird. Or why won’t Lowe’s take back something after 90 days? And why didn’t I return the product before the 90 days was up? And why do I even care? Well, I don’t now, but I did. And why does Spotify not label the chapters in audiobooks? Stupid. And why does American Airlines squeeze the seats so close together that if you pick the wrong row, you may miss a window altogether?

These opinions, we all have them. I know I do. I was watching this soccer match streaming on Peacock this past Saturday when my wife heard me blurt out, “No opinions, no opinions!” She laughed. She likened it to the scene in Arrested Development when George Bluth Sr (Pop-Pop) yelled, “No touching, no touching” in prison. I’m trying to stop and, in doing so, sounding like an idiot — like Pop-Pop! It’s funny cause when you sit back and notice the moment you have an opinion on something, you realize how many you have and how worthless they are.

What if I didn’t have an opinion at all.

And what if I just stopped this article right now.