An Example of What We Do: Princeton Communities | Website Design

An Example of What We Do: Princeton Communities

The story of how we helped Princeton Communities with a website revamp.

Sometimes people ask what we do. Simply put, we help you, the business leader, engage with your audience like never before. But what does that actually mean? If you hire us, what exactly will we do?

It’s a good question, and below is an example of what we did do to help a recent client.

Princeton Communities | Their Story

Princeton Communities is a real estate business in the Charlotte community. The company has experienced many years of success, but the owner thought enhancing their online presence would have a positive impact as they enter a new decade. Their marketing goals included attracting more website views, creating a user-friendly website, and developing a better brand.

What Was the Problem? 

The business itself is successful, but Princeton Communities had big growth plans, and to kick start that, they needed a better look and feel online. A better business brand was essential and the place to showcase that was a new, updated website. With high-end investors viewing their website daily, a clear, striking website was paramount.

Our Process for Princeton Communities | Website Revamp

We started out by sitting down with the owner and the team for a few hours—getting to know each other and talking through the marketing vision and strategy and how they want it to operate going forward. Through our discussions, one of the first objectives that stood out to us was that Princeton Communities did not have access to their website domain and hosting account. It is vital for companies to have control and ownership over their website and content, as opposed to a third party. So we rebuilt the entire website including coding the backend, implementing a new design, and creating engaging content–all in accordance with the owner’s vision and strategy. 

Side-note on that, you should check to see right now if you own your domain and website. You might be surprised. A lot of businesses we learned actually didn’t own their website–their marketing company did. And this can cause major problems.

Why Are We Excited?

Frankly, the website we built in collaboration with Princeton Communities is beautiful, and the visitor feedback they have already received shows we’re not the only ones who think so! It’s a good feeling to know we helped this business take the next step on its branding journey. And we’re happy to see the Princeton team starting to put out content that truly reflects their innovative, high-end services. 

They needed a tool to better connect with potential clients, and now they have it.

What Can We Do for You?

In case you missed the link to the new website, here it is again:

You can also see before and after images below:








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