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An Example of What We Do: Tony LaPrino

The story of how we helped Tony LaPrino build his podcast, Facing the Facts. 

Sometimes people ask what we do. And we can explain—we help you, the business leader, engage with your audience like never before. But what does that actually mean? If you hire us, what exactly will we do?

It’s a good question, so here is a quick example of what we did do to help a recent client.

Tony LaPrino | His Story

Our client, Tony LaPrino, is an entrepreneur in the financial services space (connect with him on LinkedIn). He felt was doing OK professionally, but he wanted more. He told us he was tired of the way his career was heading. He was tired of the person he was becoming. He knew he had to change his approach to his business—but how?

What Was the Problem?

Tony wanted to take his career to the next level, but he also wanted to engage more with his clients and share what he’s learned more freely. He had a story to tell—but he didn’t know how to tell it. He needed help getting his story out there.

Our Solution for Tony LaPrino

We have plenty of experience getting our own stories out there, and we know how to guide clients through the process. We had genuine conversations with Tony about goals and content. What did he want to say? Who did he want to talk to? What kind of results did he want and what kind of effort did he want to put in? This discussion gave us the opportunity to build his podcast with him from the strategy to the cover art to audio editing and everything in between. 

The product of all of this collaboration is The Facing the Facts Podcast, where Tony LaPrino can share insights from the path that got him here and that he continues to follow every day.

Now Tony is out of the typical financial planning space and is starting to build his content platform in a genuine way. He is providing value to his listeners and to his clients that he can feel good about–and that no one can offer but him. Because his story is unique. As is yours.

Why Are We Excited?

We love sharing Tony’s story because he gets it. He’s really taking advantage of the ideas and methods we gave him—and he’s getting great results. It’s incredible to see his stories start out as ideas in his head, then move to where he can express them verbally. And then go on to touch the lives of those who listen.

He’s making a difference—and we’re so excited that we were able to be part of the process.

What Can We Do for You?


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