Phoenix Arizona Podcast Production

A Phoenix Arizona Podcast Production Kinda Story

A tale, a story, a what’s to come about Phoenix Arizona podcast production

Desert heat—can’t talk, can hardly walk. The local news outlets tell you the weather—basically, it says get inside. What good is telling you what you already know? That the heat feels like you just opened up a stove baking a pizza at 450 degrees!

Okay, so you’re inside. Well done. Now what?

Tell a story, teach a thing or two. But how? Call the local news? Nah, they’re talking weather. You could call the radio… but wait, what year is it? It’s 2022! You could do a podcast! Lots of people listen to podcasts these days. I bet even you’ve listened to podcasts. Whoa, there’s an idea….

So you’re inside, the AC is working (thank goodness), and yeah, you’ve got stuff to say. Your podcast could be about many things.

You could interview other business owners, maybe talk about the hot spots of Arizona, literally. Or how about a podcast about Tempe’s own Arizona State Sun Devils or the Phoenix Suns or the Arizona Coyotes? Hockey, now that’s a cool sport. But instead of sharing stories of how many games the Coyotes lost, you could tell the story of hockey in the desert—maybe there’s someone who remembers the great Auston Matthews growing up in Arizona playing baseball and finding a passion for this fast game on skates and frozen water, maybe you interview the leaders at Ice Den in Scottsdale, or how about the coaches of the Arizona hockey travel teams? So many possibilities!

But, you might ask, what’s the point? Other than having something to do while you’re stuck inside? What would having a podcast really get you?

How about connecting with new people in the community, people who like hockey and are connected to it in some way—people who then get to find out about your business (whatever your business may happen to be). That’s a win for them, and it’s definitely a win for you.

So use this desert heat to your advantage and take the time to start your podcast. We’ll help you.

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