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Create Content Now | Someone Cares

“Why should I create content now? No one cares what I have to say.” In this Content Matterz episode, Eric Kasimov tackles this concern that he often hears from business leaders. 

This is an audio style blog around our written article, “Content Creation: What If Nobody Cares?” You can read the full article in the link below. And keep in mind, you are not creating content for every person, you are creating content for the right person. 

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Writing is hard, podcasting is hard, thinking about who may not like what you have to say can be overwhelming. Except when you don’t think about who won’t like it and instead focus on who the content is for. Even if it is just one person. That someone cares and that’s who the content is for. When you focus your mind on that positive, the writing and/or the speaking into the microphone is doable. And that content is the door opener to opportunity.


And yes, you should consider creating content for your personal brand and business.

Whatever story you want to tell, we want to help you tell it. From ideas and strategies to meshing it with your brand, KazCM is your storytelling team.

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