Networking and Building Relationships Opens Doors For Your Business

How Networking Builds Relationships

Using current day networking tools along with tried-and-true methods is the way. In this Content Matterz episode, Charles Leichtweis and Eric Kasimov discuss how to plant seeds along the way to help your business develop new opportunities–basically how networking builds relationships. Charles and Eric have both been networking and building relationships throughout their careers that have turned into referrals, relationships, and clients. 

But How? Charles is the master of How. In fact, he is the Managing Director of Experts in How. As Charles states, The Why and the What are absolutely critical for success, the How validates and aligns those two elements to create sustainable, profitable growth. 

Charles was originally featured on our Entrepreneur Perspectives podcast. You can listen to that episode on our KazSource website.

There are many ways to network. There are networking events, there are country clubs, there are organizations in the communities we live, there are social media networks, and there are the serendipitous moments we all encounter. How you focus on these things has a direct impact on new relationships. It isn’t about the new methods you hear about. It isn’t about the older methods you’ve been taught. It’s about authentic relationship building, utilizing the tools that exist, which includes both the new methods and the methods that have been around for generations.


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