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Podcasting Builds Genuine Relationships

Using your podcast to build genuine relationships is what it’s all about. In this Content Matterz episode, Rob Cressy and Eric Kasimov discuss how podcasting has helped them build genuine relationships with others.


Podcasting Builds Genuine Relationships in Text Form:

You come out with with a podcast that you’ve been doing and a lot of. 

And your podcast continues to evolve and you continue to evolve, self betterment, communication,

just you and I having a conversation. This is communication. This is at the heart of it.

I think someone could have a podcast for the simple fact or the simple going down this journey of being a better communicator. 

If you hear yourself talking, if you have conversations with people, you’re going to put yourself under pressure, you’re going to put yourself in this situation. 

It’s interesting because I came to learn about you. We were sitting down in our conference room and I got introduced to one of the leaders at Kids in Seats, Ann Lademann and for whatever reason she just dropped your name she says, I think the founder of our company is going to be on Rob Cressy’s podcast and he’s here and that was it.  

So I had to go out to lunch that day because I had to take a break because I was in back to back meetings. I go to lunch at this Vietnamese restaurant down the street. It’s pretty awesome. It was really quiet because it was late in the day. And I just pull up your podcast and I listened to it and I listened to it and I listened to it. 

Bill Rasmussen ESPN founder, Arica Kress from the Columbus Crew, Adam White from Front Office Sports and the list goes on and on and on. 

Rob, When I tell you that I took in and consumed your content on your podcast? I really did. It wasn’t a joke.

It was real, it was genuine. 

And that’s when I reached out to you and said man, This is really awesome. 

We put a blog post out there talking about your podcast because it was like, man here is someone putting out good vibes. 

So when I go back and I think about when I started listening to podcasts, It’s when I started thinking about starting my own business and this is about six/seven years ago. 

It’s when I realized that if I was having negative thoughts I needed to put positive thoughts in my head. 

I double down on reading, I double down on listening to books I started going to the podcast world and continued to evolve to the point where we created our own podcast because I wanted to talk to people like you. 

So there’s a lot of things- there’s leverage there because I can say, “Hey Rob” I can chat with you because we both have a podcast.

The point is podcasting is an incredible resource and there’s so many different reasons as to why you should even have a podcast that we haven’t even touched on here.

But I came across and then what I got to know you before I ever talked to you, I knew your voice, I knew what you believed in, I knew your thoughts, your positive vibes so when I got on the phone with you it kind of goes back to the thing that we talked about in the beginning is that we’re already passed like all this other stuff, We can just jump right into all these different conversations. 

There is nothing like it right now and I truly mean that because I’ve lived it and we’ve helped other people with podcasting. I know you have as well. I’ve watched other people live it and it’s an amazing experience but I just have to say that being able to consume this content and hear some of the thoughts that I just talked about on the different episodes that you’ve had has helped me out and I know it’s helped other people out and that’s why we’re talking today because this is real man. This is what it’s all about and it’s the beginning of the journey of having a relationship and you don’t even have to say well “What does that even mean? What does that relationship mean?” It doesn’t have to mean anything it could just mean you and I have this conversation and that could be the end of it and that’s cool because I could learn a lot from you.


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