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Stay in the Now with Podcasting

An article about how having an incredible podcasting conversation can keep you in the now.

Uncertainty, like we are all facing in the world today, brings anxiety. With anxiety comes looking backwards and forwards, which doesn’t help with focusing on the now. The now is all we have, so are there ways we can stay in the present in our day-to-day work?


You know or have heard of many ways already: meditating, working out, enjoying time with family, a day at the beach, and so on. But what about with creating content, specifically podcast interviews?

After I chatted with Jonathan Lubic of Distinguished Agency, I recalled how I had been focused on that podcast chat and nothing else. No matter what happened earlier or what might happen later, none of it was on my mind in that moment. Sure, prior experiences and training helped prepare me for the conversation, but I wasn’t thinking about those. Those had become intrinsic. I was simply focused on the conversation. On the now.

Yes, you can get this result when talking with a friend at the coffee shop sometimes, but there’s something about being recorded that keeps me focused. There’s no time to look at my phone. It would be too distracting. There’s no thought about what happened earlier or what will happen tonight.  Podcasting forces you to stay in the conversation. At least it does for me.

And that keeps me in the now. Podcasting keeps me in the now.


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