seeking truth through content creation

Seeking Truth Through Content Creation

The “Truth Seekers” are seeking truth through content creation.

Creating content in a genuine way leads to truth, understanding, and overall good quality content–for all involved. It’s why influential individuals like Joshua Greco started a podcast.

It drives us a little crazy when the motivation behind someone considering starting a podcast or creating content is to drive an immediate return on investment. There are so many things to think through when it comes to content creation so we are constantly exploring this topic. And that’s why we seek out leaders of entrepreneurs to chat with on this topic. It’s a way for us to seek more truth on why founders, business owners, entrepreneurs, leaders, professionals, and those with aspirations to consider this path of content creation.

Joshua Grecco was a featured guest on our Entrepreneur Perspectives podcast. And now we are featuring a highlight of that conversation on a new episode of Content Matterz.

In this Content Matterz episode, Joshua and Eric Kasimov discuss why Josh started a podcast and how creating content can be a positive sum for all those involved. That includes the hosts, the guests, the listeners, and anyone that comes across the podcast or the content.

Topics covered in this episode include: having engaging conversations, being present in the moment, leveraging a podcast appearance, the benefits of creating content, YouTube, enjoying what you do, and more.


We think every entrepreneur, that is willing, should have their own content platform. And we want to help.

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  • Thank you for listening to this Content Matterz podcast episode, “Seeking Truth Through Content Creation”.
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