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Sharing Content Works, So What’s Holding You Back?

Don’t let a reluctance to share content get in the way of opportunity. Sharing content works!

Individuals are often reluctant to create content. We base this on many hours of conversations, listening, and other forms of communication with entrepreneurs, business leaders, and professionals. What we’ve witnessed is a block of some sort. Part of it is a mental block. Another part is related to time management.

Both the mental block and time management is stopping influential individuals from finding their voice and sharing content. The time component is combatted with leveraging resources like a team–a content team. So this episode while we touch on time is focused on the mental block. And a way to get over this mental hurdle is realizing you actually have a story–and even more–your story matters!

In this episode, we get into how you can find your voice, how you can overcome mental blocks, time, and why your story matters. 

Listen to this episode of Content Matterz to hear the thoughts of Eric Kasimov and John Priore around this content matter. And while listening, ask yourself, what is stopping you from creating and sharing content?


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