The Simple Way to Tell Someone What You Do Without Boring Them

Do your eyes glaze over and your mind starts wandering when you meet someone and they start talking about their company like this:

“Our company has been in business since 1917 (or whatever year it was) and we sell this product and that product. We are the best at this and that’s why we are the best and………………”

Now what if they have a simple way about them and said:

“I help construction contractors get new work. I love seeing contracting businesses thrive in this market. There are so many good construction businesses out there. I’ve seen your business have incredible success in construction–that must be a great feeling. Anyone that I’ve chatted with that knows you and your business has said amazing things about you. What a special thing you have going!”

By making it personal, you’re showing the client you’ve done your homework and are interested in their success. Share your enthusiasm, know who you are talking to, and make it about THEM, not YOU. Stand out from the crowd!