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With many options for your web hosting, we give you — SiteGround Review 2020

As a content marketing firm, our clients depend on us to build their brands and oftentimes maintain it by managing their websites — which is why we are providing “SiteGround Review 2020”. Websites while showing obvious differences in their front-end design, require certain fundamental building blocks on the backend to function. One of the most important blocks for any website is the hosting service and from our experience, it is also one of the most overlooked.

This isn’t to say you can create a website without a host, but the host that is chosen as the foundation of the website has too often been selected on the basis of price or brand name recognition. For any car enthusiast out there, it is almost like placing an engine in your car because it is the cheapest and was what your grandfather used in his old farm truck back in the 1950’s. Your business website is a reflection of your brand and this website must be built with an “engine” that meets the needs and expectations of your business.

As “IT guru” at KazSource, I’ve worked with many of these web hosts and I’ve always come back to recommending SiteGround for the reasons below. This is our SiteGround Review 2020.

First, it’s important to note, I’ve worked closely with many high ranking web hosts including BlueHost and GoDaddy.

5 Reasons Why SiteGround is KazSource’s Choice

1. Customer Service: Oftentimes the quality of customer service is discovered when there is a problem. And poor customer service can often make a problem go from bad to worse. From experience, SiteGround has a stellar customer service team based in Europe that has gone above and beyond on several occasions. Most of the time I’ll contact them via their online chat, but they do have phone support if desired. In fact, one of our sites was operating slower than normal and to troubleshoot an issue, I called them by phone and we resolved the issue (a cache issue) in less than ten minutes.
(As a caveat, the support team can only assist with issues that originate within their systems. If the issue is the result of some 3rd party software, they won’t have the access or resources to fix the problem.)

2. Value: SiteGround’s hosting packages are broken down into three easy to choose options: StartUp, GrowBig, and GoGeek. For many clients, I’ll recommend their GrowBig package, but even the StartUp package offers an excellent value. Included in all their packages are free SSL certificate and daily website backup.

To explain, the SSL certificate provides an encrypted connection between your website and your visitors. There are many hosts that will charge $70 or more annually for this item.

The daily website backup is also an additional charge at many web hosts and there isn’t much need to explain this one. This backup provides great peace of mind since if your website is ever hacked, then it can be restored back to a prior point with only a few clicks. Even without being hacked, I’ve found this backup feature to be a lifesaver when a software update for the website creates serious errors. Instead of spending hours troubleshooting the problem, restoring a backup will bring the website back to good health in a few moments.

3. Website staging: For those that choose the GrowBig package, you’ll have access to SiteGround’s staging environment. With a few clicks, this feature will create a copy of your live site onto a separate staging environment. From this staging copy, you can redesign a single page or your entire site at your convenience without affecting your live website. When your satisfied with the new updates, a few more clicks will push this copy to become the live site and automatically create a backup of your live website.

4. Technology: Without naming names, a few popular web hosts are problematic on the technology front. One common issue occurs while performing routine website software updates, which can take at least several minutes for their servers to process and during this time the website will display a down for maintenance message to visitors. Even more problematic, if their server takes too long processing the updates, a time out error will occur and thus the entire website will go down. This time out error is a normal occurrence with one popular host in particular and it often takes 30 minutes or more to bring the website back up.

With SiteGround, I’ve found that their servers process these updates in a manner of seconds and never has a client’s website crashed due to a server error.

Additionally, SiteGround is frequently a leader in employing the latest updates and technologies for boosting speed, stability, and overall performance. This included the latest stable PHP updates, security protocols and caching solutions.

5. SuperCacher: Anytime a website is visited, cache technologies are employed to dramatically boost the load times of the website for the visitor and reduce the demand for resources on the website server (and thus a server could theoretically handle many more visitors at any given time). Whereas many web hosts leave it to their customers to set up their own caching solutions, SiteGround has created their SuperCacher service that is optimized for their servers and provide many easy to use options and tools to get your website performing at optimal performance.

Besides the obvious benefits to your website visitors, these caching technologies are critical to SEO. Simply, if Google sees that your website is providing slow load rates for visitors, then they’ll rank the website lower. However, if Google finds that your website is enabled with technologies that boost the speed for website visitors (especially mobile), then Google will rank the website much higher. When our clients are looking for any edge over their competition and to simply increase the user experience, this is often one area many are overlooking.

So if you currently have a website or looking to build a new one, don’t settle for a web host with the best price or best advertisements. Look for a web host that will provide a solid foundation to build your brand and your website.

For us at KazSource, our experience is that SiteGround provides the value, reliability, and performance that will let us focus on what is important: helping leaders create opportunities for their business.

If you are interested in learning more about SiteGround or how we can help you migrate your website, contact us at [email protected].

SiteGround Review 2020!


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