Stop Getting Pushed to What Everyone Else is Doing in Marketing

It’s time to stand out in your marketing.

Your business is your livelihood. It’s your baby. You built it or maybe helped build it, from nothingIt means a lot to you. The fact that you even read articles like this one says a lot about your commitment to your work. 

So I understand why you might get overprotective, why you might try to do what the masses say. But your business wasn’t built to be average.

Hey, who has time to reinvent the wheel, right?

You’re already taking a lot of risks just being an entrepreneur—sometimes it just makes more sense to stay in the middle of the pack.  

So you post a quote on LinkedIn, something you saw at a conference that everybody there seemed to like, nothing too unusual and it makes you look smart. 

Except everybody at that conference is thinking exactly the same way, so you all posted exactly the same quote. 

We’ve seen it—a large company with over 7,000 advisors and every single one of them posted the same quote, the same caption, at the same date and time. Does that sound like effective marketing to you? Does that sound like setting yourself out from the competition? 

Doing what everybody else is doing might seem sensible and safe, but it’s usually neither.

It’s just bad branding. 

Maybe you sell life insurance; so do thousands of others. Or maybe you are a financial advisorcongratulations, so are lots of peopleOr maybe you are a home service provider? A common business. None of us are the only one in our industry, but each of us is a unique person with our own style, our own priorities, our own way of doing business.

Prospective customers and clients know that—that’s why they want to get to know you, what you think, what you have to say. That’s how they’ll decide they want to work with you, out of all the many people in your industry they could have picked. 

And they can’t get to know you if you keep on trying to be just like everybody else. The only way they can find out what makes you different is if you get out there and communicate in a way that isn’t just like everyone else. 


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