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Start a Podcast, Now

Should you start a podcast? According to Nielsen and Edison reports put together on this 2020 MusicOomph infographic, 51% of Americans have listened to a podcast. 

So the only question I have for you–if you are trying to maintain your clients and employees or build a new community of clients and employees for the future, why aren’t you starting your podcast? Or to say it more direct: Yes! Start A Podcast.

This is an article about podcast development.

So what does that mean?

It means, there’s an audience out there for you. You have a story to tell. How will you tell it? Blog, Picture, Video, Audio? They all work.

But audio is a productivity junkie’s best friend. You can drive or walk or workout or rest or mow the lawn or do whatever it is you like to do–and at the same time, you can listen…to a podcast.

Imagine getting in shape and improving yourself with ideas from a podcast.

Podcasting is incredible for those reasons and more. You can build an audience, you can share ideas, you can acquire new clients, you can maintain existing clients, you can train your employees, you can recruit new people, you can sell advertising, you can create a platform that allows your team or your family to understand you more. You can entertain, you can inform, you can educate, you can do it all–with a podcast.

Okay, so now you are considering maybe it is time to start a podcast. Excellent. Now, this isn’t to scare you, but it is to give you a stat that may give you pause:

On average, podcasts only last 7 episodes? 7 episodes! We need better than that. We need consistency. We need real value. Now I read that stat somewhere and sure enough, I can’t find it now, but what I am finding is that the numbers are even worse. 12% of all podcasts produced only produced one episode. Another crazy stat: of the 540,000 podcasts that were around in pre-2017, about 75% of them did not produce a new podcast in 2017. And while that’s a few years old, it gives you the idea that podcasting is hard–but for those that can stick it out, it’s worth it. At least, that’s what I think.

You need a team of people helping with all that goes into podcast production. Creating, strategy, ideas, consulting, editing, production, distribution, management, and much more.

The podcasting process may seem easy, but if you want to do it well, it requires time and energy and a team of people.

Genuine content, strategies, and conversations in a Podcast provide an opportunity to grow your audience and your business. 

The KazContent Team is here to help you create, build, and manage your podcast and build and maintain your community. Let’s talk about how you will start a podcast. Let’s talk, Podcast Production Services.

See our content about Podcasting below including a LinkedIn post, a YouTube video, and the text from that video. Oh and check out our own podcast, Entrepreneur Perspectives!

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LinkedIn Post on Podcasting

From a LinkedIn Post — I wrote this while outside waiting for a youth basketball game to start. For whatever reason, podcasting was on my mind. 

If you’ve ever, even just a little bit, thought for a brief moment about podcasting, I would do the following.

Ask the next ten people you feel comfortable asking:

  1. Do you listen to podcasts today? For those that say yes, ask…
  2. Did you listen to podcasts three-plus years ago?

I promise you, people listen to podcasts that didn’t three-plus years ago.

Now you may say, “well who would care what I would say on a podcast?

The answer is, maybe no one.

BUT… it does not matter! Listeners are a bonus.

Podcasts give you content to pull from to post on LinkedIn, to create a blog, to send an email, to give a gift of content, and so much more! It gives you opportunities. Not to mention all the other positives that come from having a podcast:

better speaker

better interviewer

more leverage

better thinker

protection from industry disruption

more confidence

more content

faster creative process

etc etc.

The next time, you think for a brief moment about podcasting, you can ask yourself, “what am I waiting for?”

Start a podcast, now.



YouTube Video on Thinking Through Podcast Opportunities and Reasons Why to Start a Podcast

A YouTube video from our KazSource YouTube page about podcast opportunities. This is from a podcast chat I had with The Celiac Project Founder, Michael Frolichstein. Here is that podcast on Stitcher.



The Text on Podcast Work, From the YouTube Video Snippet

Here’s the text from the podcast video for your reading pleasure:

You continue to think through things and that’s why I like having these kinds of conversations. I get to think through things, I get to ask questions, and I hope that anyone that might listen to it would come away learning something for themselves or whatever they might want to get out of that.

There’s just a lot that you take from whatever kind of content that you’re creating and I think if you have a story to tell–it’s a way to put yourself out there and be authentic. Not all content is created equal of course and not all of it is authentic. Let’s be honest. But you have an opportunity.

We talk a lot about opportunities. Just because the opportunity exists doesn’t mean it’s going lead to something. It’s an opportunity nonetheless. And the opportunity could be:

To become a better question asker.

It can be to learn about a topic that you’re very interested in.

It could be to get business.

It could be to meet an amazing person like yourself. To find out what you’re doing–and it’s just a lot of fun because if you don’t have a podcast we don’t have this conversation right now.

You have the podcast, you happen to be on LinkedIn, and it’s very easy for me to send you a message. Well, it’s not easy. It sounds easy. I send you a message and then some time goes by–next thing you know is we are having a conversation–but that’s okay and that’s the way it should be.

And you continue to innovate and who knows what that means. And who knows what new ideas I might have offered this or vice versa.

You talked about you want to have a podcast maybe about fibromyalgia. There are just so many different ways you can go with it. Which is a problem because in a creator you can just have ideas and then you have to execute on some ideas and some ideas aren’t good and you have to be okay with that–it’s not a good idea we tried–it didn’t work. Let’s move on and anyway, I think it’s right.

It’s an interesting question to ask especially someone with what you’re doing and in leading a cause–we talked to different people leading causes. There are entrepreneur’ cause leaders–people who really believe in something– whatever that might be–they have a lot of passion for what they do and it doesn’t feel like work having a conversation.

We might be at work and might be doing work, but it’s just talking. I think content is the beginning of it all and you get to understand the message because I could listen to it and say I disagree with them and I don’t want to talk to him and that’s okay too because then it saves everybody time.

I really get to understand it more and have a frame of reference. When we do talk we’re not starting at Ground Zero.

In summary, there’s so much to this podcasting thing. If all you do is think through different ideas, the podcast could be worth it. The point is a podcast can do so much for you–which is why I am a proponent for you to start a podcast, now.