Entrepreneurial Dreams Take Action

It’s time to put your entrepreneurial dreams into reality. You’ve set your goals and established your motivation for your business. You have your why. What now? Now is the time to think, read, write, ask, study, question everything, and start piecing it all together. I am big believer in research and homework. The information is … Read more

Create Content for Your Business Around Your Unique Interests

Have you ever thought about creating a blog, podcast, video series, or several social media posts based around your passion and then connecting it into your business. For example, within KazSource we have done this by creating a blog using sports to write about entrepreneurialism (SportsEpreneur). SportsEpreneur becomes the content platform. People would rather read about sports and business/entrepreneurialism then say insurance—at … Read more

How Can You Spark Creativity?


I was chatting with a colleague recently about being creative. How finding time to be creative can improve your business in many ways–from new content, to new design. But also, it breaks up the daily logistic grind of spreadsheets or systems or everyday tasks by shifting your thought process. Creativity can come in the form … Read more