Why You Should Hire a Marketing Agency

OK, full disclosure; I own a marketing agency. But just because I’m biased doesn’t mean I’m wrong, and anyway, the topic of this article isn’t “Why You Should Hire My Marketing Agency.” I mean, maybe you should—if you like what we do, feel free to get in touch—but there are a lot of agencies out … Read more

Content Marketing: 4 Reasons Why to Start with a Blog

Recently, during meetings with those who are new to content marketing in Charlotte, NC I have been asked by them whether they should start with a blog, a series of videos, or a podcast. Of course, what are you good at is the number one factor. If creating and editing a video is what comes … Read more

2 Obstacles You Must Overcome for a Successful Blog

No matter what you’re trying to do, obstacles arise. The successful people anticipate these challenges and plan ahead properly, whether the goal (and its obstacles) is large or small. In content marketing, we see two major issues getting in the way again and again: the challenge of producing clean, well-written copy; and the challenge of … Read more