Content Marketing is a Form of Bonding and Rapport

An article about bonding and rapport — and content Nothing replaces direct interaction with a person—ideally face-to-face, but direct interaction can happen other ways, too, from talking on the phone to video messaging.  But whatever the medium, these interactions start with something, an introduction, an impromptu moment, or a piece of content. Content marketing is … Read more

Here’s The Thing: This Stuff Works

Here’s The Thing: This Stuff Works | KazCM | Genuine Content Marketing

Take it from us, content marketing works.  “I need leads,” you say. “I need new clients. I need revenue.” To which I say, “welcome to the club!” Seriously, what business isn’t looking for new opportunities? The temptation is to develop an aggressive sales process to pull in as many new prospects as quickly as possible, … Read more

Want to Grow Your Business in 2019? Do This!

Do you genuinely want to grow your business in 2019? Really? Good—I’m glad to hear it. I want to help. But I’m not really the type to tell you what to do. That’s not my style. This is your business, and it’s your decision. I’d rather tell you about what I’ve seen, what worked, and what … Read more

Are You a Social Media Pretender?

It’s time to be honest with yourself. Are you a social media pretender when it comes to business?  You say you’re on social media, but you’re not, are you? I’ve seen it before. My business partners have seen it. The people I talk with about marketing, they’ve seen it, the broken links, the lost opportunities, … Read more

7 Ideas for Small Businesses Creating Content

7 Ideas for Small Businesses Creating Content | Kiawah Island, SC | KazCM | Charlotte Marketing Co

We need more small businesses creating content. Every business can create content. We create content for a lot of people, from insurance companies to t-shirt companies, keynote speakers to roofers. Everyone has a story to tell if you just think about it enough. It’s not that telling stories generates sales directly, but it does lead … Read more

The Truest Form of Content Marketing

The truest form of content marketing gives I was reading a quasi-press release recently. It was from a marketing company talking about their relationship with a new client. It started off fine, as it talked about the other business—but it quickly turned. It wasn’t about the other business at all. It was self-promotion, nothing but … Read more